Our recommendations for books about manufacturing and operations with an emphasis on applying Theory of Constraints in these situations.

Manufacturing at Warp Speed

Manufacturing at Warp Speed: Optimizing Supply Chain Financial Performance by Eli Schragenheim and Bill Dettmer is an earlier version of their work that has been updated in Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed.

P3CG recommendation: We recommend the newer book, as it contains updated content and some new concepts on how to use Theory of Constraints in manufacturing and the supply chain.


Production the TOC Way

Production the TOC Way with Simulator by Eli Goldratt is a workbook that comes with a production simulator.  The workbook walks through a number of simulations that take the student from “traditional” operations through the Five Focusing Steps applied in a production scenario.

P3CG recommendation: This workbook is for students of TOC who wish to do self-learning or in groups, directed by an expert.


The Race

The Race by Eli Goldratt and Bob Fox is a set of slides and exercises for someone new to Theory of Constraints for manufacturing.

P3CG recommendation: While this is not a book to be read as such, it is a useful workbook for those learning about TOC in manufacturing.


Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed

Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End by Eli Schragenheim, Bill Dettmer and J. Wayne Patterson, is an expansion on Schragenheim & Dettmer’s earlier work focused on manufacturing / shop floor, Manufacturing at Warp Speed.  The book covers manufacturing with a basic review of drum-buffer-rope (DBR) and discusses a new approach to DBR called Simplified DBR that has become a common implementation technique. They expand beyond the shop floor to discuss managing raw materials as well as the distribution chain beyond manufacturing out to the customer.

P3CG recommendation: We recommend this as a great textbook on manufacturing and distribution implementations of Theory of Constraints.