P3 Consulting Group

Just as finding and improving the weakest link of a chain improves its overall strength, directing improvement efforts at an organization’s most critical leverage points delivers the most rapid and sustainable pathway to lasting profit growth.

Our process has demonstrated that focusing on the key leverage points within any business system can rapidly uncover from 10 to 25% (and often more) hidden capacity with little or no additional investment.

Whether in sales, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, or project environments, the uncovered hidden capacity can not only be utilized to meet current demands but also to develop a decisive competitive edge. Leveraging this “free” capacity will often fuel a dramatic net profit growth of over 25% in less than six months.

We have a proven track record in aligning the people, policies and processes within large and small companies in order to achieve these breakthrough results.

We are looking to partner with you if your goal is…

  • To improve your capability to meet current and future market demands with little or no capital or resource investment
  • To develop a decisive competitive edge to gain more sales and market share
  • To deliver more projects/products faster with your current investment in resources
  • To have a fully synchronized and committed organization where everyone understands their role and understands the most important tasks each person can do each day to impact the bottom line