Why P3 Consulting Group?

Over our careers in both industry and consulting, we have witnessed many improvement efforts that started with high hopes and expectations only to fall short of the desired results. In some cases, these efforts were focused on improving the “people” side of the business. In others, the major focus was on improving the “processes” by which work gets done. At P3 CONSULTING GROUP, we believe that one needs to synchronize the efforts of both the people and the processes together to achieve maximum benefits. Thus, we founded our business based on three core principles: People, Process, and Profit.


We believe people want to do a good job and to help their companies succeed. We see the greatest challenge facing individuals today is the frustration associated with continuously juggling multiple and ever-changing priorities. They long for clarity about their roles.  They want to know what are truly the most urgent and important tasks and a clear picture of how their work impacts the top and bottom line of the company.

We also believe that the culture of the organization and the people’s involvement in decisions has a significant impact on their personal job satisfaction and the overall performance of the organization.

At P3 CONSULTING GROUP, we enable companies to capitalize on the incredible intuition, experience and understanding of the people in the business. Our processes greatly enhance their effectiveness and personal satisfaction by providing a focus on the most important actions each person can do each day to deliver the greatest results for the business as a whole.


As the complexities of organizations grow, business leaders attempt to manage better by breaking the whole business into separate subsystems. (Check your organization chart to see if this is true for you). They develop local measures for each subsystem with the goal of maximizing its performance. If done in isolation, enormous problems associated with mis-synchronization and the dreaded silo mentality can ensue. The holistic view of how work should flow through the entire business gets lost.

At P3 CONSULTING GROUP, we partner with organizations to develop the processes (and their underlying measures and policies) to synchronize and maximize the flow of work through the entire business, enabling them to uncover hidden capacity to significantly and rapidly improve their bottom line performance.


Leaders today are often under intense pressure to continuously grow their company’s profits. Seemingly, the most common response to the pressure is to cut expenses and reduce investments as much as possible. While these may have short term benefits, the long term impact can be devastating.

At P3 CONSULTING GROUP, we lead organizations to an understanding of how to uncover hidden capacity to continuously and sustainably grow profits for long term success through gaining additional sales.  We guide companies to identify and execute upon the leverage points which will provide a clear and decisive competitive edge to gain an expanding share of their current markets or possibly to expand into new markets.  By doing more with the current resources, assets, and inventory (possibly less), a significant portion of the expanded sales (much greater that the current margins) will fall directly to the bottom line.