Our recommendations for books on distribution and the supply chain, business-to-business to retail supply chains.

Isn’t It Obvious

Isn’t It Obvious? is a short story by Eli Goldratt that embeds both the implementation of the Distribution Solution for retail with discussion of the “obvious” nature of the solution to any problem that seems to evade most people.  It is written to be easily understood and reads very fast.

P3CG recommendation: We recommend Isn’t It Obvious for anyone who works in retail distribution or wishes to see the Distribution solution in operation.


Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed

Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End by Eli Schragenheim, Bill Dettmer and J. Wayne Patterson, is an expansion on Schragenheim & Dettmer’s earlier work focused on manufacturing / shop floor, Manufacturing at Warp Speed.  The book covers manufacturing with a basic review of drum-buffer-rope (DBR) and discusses a new approach to DBR called Simplified DBR that has become a common implementation technique. They expand beyond the shop floor to discuss managing raw materials as well as the distribution chain beyond manufacturing out to the customer.

P3CG recommendation: We recommend this as a great textbook on manufacturing and distribution implementations of Theory of Constraints.