Sales & Marketing


Nearly all companies are under pressure to gain more sales and, more importantly, more profits. The common approaches of reducing price, selling product features, improving product technology are all short lived advantages in the competitive marketplace.

Sales/Marketing organizations frequently suffer from:

  • Low hit rates
  • Long sales cycles
  • Relentless need to find ways to gain an advantage in the marketplace
  • Constant price pressures from customers
  • Uncertainty about which products truly make the company the highest profits
  • Balancing sales efforts with operations capacity and capabilities


Every organization is unique, but there are a few common root causes for these undesirable effects.  Most fall into the categories of: mis-synchronization between sales and production, low percentage of salespeople’s time spent with actual decision-makers, and the inability to build and market a decisive competitive advantage related to operational or technical requirements of the customers.


Our process enables companies to find the key elements that need to be put in place to overcome their specific challenge to getting significantly more sales with the current level of sales people.

We also lead companies to think differently about what and how they offer their products to the marketplace. We help them create a decisive competitive edge not based on price or technology, but on the total value of your offer to the customer. Typical results include:

  • Very high sales hit rates (up to 80% in many environments)
  • Much shorter sales cycles
  • Reduced focus on price
  • High degree of certainty on the truly most profitable products
  • Becoming the benchmark for which others are measured

When synchronized with exposed hidden capacity in operations and/or exceptional supply chain performance, these advantages allow a company to grow their sales at a much higher rate than investments in inventory or operating expenses, driving more profits to the bottom line.

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