About P3 Consulting Group


The mission of P3 CONSULTING GROUP is simple: we partner with our clients to achieve rapid and sustainable bottom-line growth.

Our Improvement Methodology

We believe the most effective means to improve a company’s profits are to increase sales at a much faster rate than operating expenses or investments. The key to gain rapid, significant and sustainable profit growth is to create a decisive competitive edge (that cannot be easily copied by competitors) and to develop the operational capabilities to capitalize on it.

We utilize the Theory of Constraints (TOC) as the foundation to guide our process and build top-line and bottom-line value for our clients.  The P3 process:

  1. Rapidly identifies the one or very few key leverage points that inhibit our clients from achieving more of their goal (increasing sales while reducing inventory and expenses)
  2. Uncovers hidden capacity within the organization to focus on these levers
  3. Aligns the entire organization to rapidly deliver these improvements

In addition to the methodologies of TOC, our experience in LEAN, Six Sigma, SPIN Selling, and many other outstanding improvement tools, allows P3 to employ the most applicable tool at the proper time to deliver the greatest impact to our client’s business. These improvements will provide an additional 10-25% (and often significantly more) increase in net profit with results normally seen in weeks rather than months or years. Our goal is to deliver full payback within one year from the initiation of the project if not within the duration of the project itself.

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